This is a site developed specially to celebrate the hundredth anniversary of Jane Cowan, born on June 9, 1915.
For those who come to this page having had the privilege to know Jane Cowan, then you know why it is here. For those who have stumbled upon this, or who have been directed here, but did not know Jane Cowan, then .. well what can one say?
Where do you start? If you knew Jane Cowan, there is no need to write anything. You know her life-force, her energy, miraculously undiminished 100 years on, you know that a few words, no matter how carefully chosen, will never get close to describing her dedication, her vision, her compelling world-view, her relentless search for truth, morality ... and if you didn't know Jane Cowan, then these words also only scratch the surface.
This site has been created to celebrate Jane Cowan, in as many ways as we all see fit. It is the brain-child of Jeffrey Sylvester and Steven Isserlis, and has been put together by Richard Gwilt, in consultation with Jane Cowan's two daughters Lucy and Maeve, and her granddaughter Andrea.
We invite you all to participate. Send in stories, memories, recordings, photos etc, and we'll put them on the site, for all to see. It should be a public place, open to all, where we can celebrate the life and legacy of Jane Cowan.

Richard Gwilt, March 2015

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