Here are a few random memories I have about Jane Cowan by Philip Gwilt:

Agogic accents
Hemiola (Purcell : I say Joyce, or I say Rejoice)
Looking after the little notes
Anti portato
Singing grace in German at Chirnside Hotel (I think some residents deliberately lingered to hear the "performance")
The occasion Jane stood up (again at Chirside Hotel) to announce we needed to revise bowing technique as the power of gravity was reducing, only to stand up a few minutes later to announce all was OK as the rate at which Gravity was reducing was so slow it would be a very long time before it would have any noticeable effect.
At the Reid concert hall Jane talking about Tovey, and Casals. She related how she met Casals for the first time, a little old man playing the piano as she played the cello. She related how she turned to him after they played and said "Boy, you're musical!"
One Easter course at Edrom when as was usual we all lay out in the music room to listen to Beethoven's Missa Solemnis, except on this occasion she didn't play the Credo, because it was between Good Friday and Easter Sunday, so it was wrong to celebrate the resurrection "Et resurrexit tertia die ..." until Easter Sunday.
Then the story she told of an actor ( can't remember who) playing Shylock delivering the lines "has not a Jew eyes..." and on this occasion the actor pointedly looked up at a crucifix that happened to be hanging on the wall. No idea now the particular point she was making, but it made an impression on me.
Hungarian experience with education - music central to education - result Hungry produces phenomenal mathematicians.
Getting Steven Isserlis not to throw his head backwards, by sitting David Waterman on the floor in front of him looking up at him, with Steven looking down...or not! The picture with David W looking so much like a gnome!!
History informing music, Beethoven and marching military bands in both Missa Solemnis and 9th Symphony (also I think the clarinet trio?)
Who needs Alexander technique or any other such help if you adopt the cello playing technique Jane taught, all about posture, gravity, natural stuff - wing bowing, pronation and supination (mainly pronation), drawing straight lines with the bow by using circles. I remember throwing rolled up socks round a bedroom at Edrom. The idea to catch in the same hand a pair of rolled up socks having thrown them over my shoulder from behind my back.
Tips on singing, to sing higher in pitch, rather than lifting ones head, to drop ones chin.